Should I Major in Digital Marketing | Marketing Students

Are you debating on whether to pursue Digital Marketing Major or not. Do you want to know more about Digital Marketing Career Path?

Here are some information on Digital Marketing:

1.Entry level jobs for Digital Marketers and room for growth

A lot of entry level digital marketing jobs are called Account Specialist, Account Coordinator, Paid Search Specialist, Paid Search Coordinator, SEO Specialist and other different entry level position. The job descriptions are going to be different in every company.

For example, most account specialist are responsible for creating account for clients, reporting data and analyzing data using Excel, and collaborate with account manager. It is a great way to learn the strategies and tactics on how to create custom reports and analyze data. There is also room for growth for you to become an Account Manager.

Here are some Digital Marketing/ Digital Advertising companies:

2.Support from Google such as free videos on how to learn Google Adwords and Google Analytics

A lot of Digital Markers use Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other platforms such as Kenshoo, Omiture, BidSmart and so on. These all platform might sound all new and complicated to you but the good thing is that there are free videos online that teaches you how to use these platforms.

You can study them here:

Google Analytics Academy

Google Partners/Learn Google AdWords

3.There is a free-program called COOP where you can learn soft skills SEM, SEO and Paid Social, and also build your personal brand and make connections in Digital Marketing Industry

“COOP (koh-op) connects underrepresented college grads to each other—and to meaningful careers in tech, media and design.” It is a nonprofit organization and it is FREE. You will have a chance to learn the foundation of SEM, SEO and Paid Social in 200+ hours of hands on experience. Also, there are events where guest speakers who are currently working in Digital Marketing Agencies will come and share their experience and day-to-day activities. Therefore, you will get a chance to get to know them, and ask them questions. Check out their website:

4.A lot of colleges are now offering Digital Marketing Major but back then, there is only traditional marketing major.

Yes, for example, Baruch College(CUNY) has great digital marketing program that you can major in. So, basically, you will get a chance to know the industry terms, tools to use in Digital Marketing, and Case studies. I would suggest that you should take one class in digital marketing at school even if you have not decided to major in Digital Marketing.

5.There are some podcasts that you can listen to about Digital Marketing that teach you tactics on the tools to use to optimize your ads, website and many more.

Digital Marketing or any major in general, you can learn a lot from videos and audios. Podcast series are a great way to learn the terms and know how to talk like an industry expert. Subscribe to your favorite channel on Podcast and listen them on the way to your class or on your way back home.

Check out some great podcasts here:


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